Mr. Md. Nazmul Huda


Md. Nazmul Huda is a seasoned legal professional and a valued associate at Tuhin & Partners, bringing with him a wealth of experience garnered from collaborations with distinguished legal luminaries and prestigious law firms. His direct engagement in the legal domain has enriched his proficiency in a multitude of legal disciplines, including but not limited to the Companies Act, Transfer of Property Act, Land Law, Negotiable Instrument Act, Code of Criminal Procedure, and Family Law.

With an intricate understanding of the intricate legal landscape, Nazmul Huda has adeptly honed his skills in the art of drafting and vetting intricate legal documentation. His responsibilities also encompass the meticulous oversight of litigation procedures and the provision of astute legal counsel, addressing a wide spectrum of intricate matters within the framework of existing laws. Notably, his ability to uphold critical thinking, analytical acumen, and practical problem-solving prowess under the duress of high-pressure situations is indeed commendable.

Adept in both legal and developmental dimensions, Nazmul Huda boasts an extensive track record of navigating complex terrains. His proficiency extends to a diverse array of undertakings, including Company Formation, Return Filing, Trade License facilitation, Import Registration Certificate procedures, Export Registration Certificate processes, Environment Clearance Certificate applications, Site Clearance Certificate acquisitions, and Fire License requisitions.

In light of his comprehensive expertise and hands-on involvement across multifarious legal domains, Md. Nazmul Huda stands as a valuable asset at Tuhin & Partners. His commitment to operational excellence, coupled with his profound understanding of the intricate legal tapestry, ensures the provision of holistic legal solutions that transcend conventional boundaries.