Mr. Md. Nurul Islam Khan

Paralegal (Taxation)

Mr. Md. Nurul Islam Khan is a seasoned taxation paralegal with an illustrious career spanning over a decade. Having honed his skills through diverse experiences, he garnered invaluable expertise while collaborating with a renowned tax consultancy firm of utmost repute.

Mr. Khan’s proficiency encompasses an extensive spectrum of Direct and Indirect taxation laws, underscoring his profound comprehension of the intricate legal intricacies within this domain. His proficiency extends beyond the confines of taxation, encompassing areas such as Accounting, Business Establishment, Regulatory Permissions, and the intricacies of Export and Import regulations. Furthermore, he boasts a comprehensive grasp of matters pertaining to the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), further accentuating his remarkable versatility.

His unwavering commitment to the intricacies of legal nuances and unassailable dedication to securing optimal outcomes for clients have solidified his standing as a trusted authority within the realm of taxation law. With an unblemished track record and a deep-seated passion for delivering exemplary legal counsel, Mr. Khan remains an invaluable asset to our esteemed law firm, consistently contributing to our mission of providing unparalleled legal solutions tailored to our clients’ distinct needs.