How to obtain Fire License in Bangladesh

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According to the Fire Prevention and Extinction Act of 2003 and the Fire Prevention and Extinction Rules of 2014, all factories in Bangladesh are obliged to get a Fire License. The Bangladesh National Building Code, 2006 also plays a significant part in acquiring a fire License Certificate in Bangladesh. These laws and regulations are regulatory policies and practices that address fire prevention, effective fire suppression, and mitigating fire damage and its effects. The Fire Service and Civil Defense (FSCD) are responsible for issuing Fire License in Bangladesh.

To get a Fire License, you need the following documents:

  • Completed application form according to guidelines
  • Copy of Trade license
  • Annual Valuation Certificate from the zoning office of the applicable City Corporation or Municipality
  • Copy of the establishment’s Financial/Bank Solvency Certificate
  • Copy of Tax Payers identification number (TIN) and proof of Tax Return
  • Treasury Challan or Demand note
  • The layout of the establishment approved by RAJUK, the City Corporation, or the applicable municipal zone office
  • Copy of Title Deed, Mutation and Rent receipt (If the applicant owns the place)
  • Copy of Rent receipts and the rental agreement deed (If rental space)
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation (If the applicant is a limited company)
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association and Article of Association (If the applicant is a limited company)
  • Copy of the Partnership Agreement (If the applicant is a partnership firm)
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from local representative (In the case of the plastic industry)
  • No Objection Certificate by the local people (In the case of R/ A used in the plastic industry)
  • Clearance certificate from the FSCD office (If applicable)
  • Duly filled in the additional form (In case of garment factories)

Obtaining a Fire License in Bangladesh: A Step-by-Step Guide:

Step- 01:         The first step is to collect the Application Form. The application form is                  available at the Dhaka Fire Service and Civil Defense (FSCD) Offices.

Step- 02:         Then the application form shall be duly filled in as instructed

Step- 03:         Arrange the copies of the required documents

Step- 04:         Submit the filled-in application form along with the supporting                               documents to the office of Fire Service and Civil Defense (FSCD)

Step- 05:         After that, an Inspection Officer from FSCD will inspect the factory                        area to inspect the followings safety measures:

  • Availability of Fire-Fighting Equipment at the Establishment/Factory
  • Two exit staircases at the factory
  • the ability to access the scene through a Fire Department vehicle
  • There should be enough space for loading and unloading facilities to get goods in and out of the factory building.

Step- 06:         After the inspection is complete, a Demand Note is issued, which states the amount of fee that needs to be paid by the applicant. If there are any areas of noncompliance, the applicant is given a particular deadline to rectify these concerns.

Step- 07:         The Factory will be reinspected to check whether the faults were fixed.

Step- 08:         After completing all the above steps, if FSDC is satisfied that the factory fulfils the fire safety requirements, it shall issue a Fire License to the applicant.

Step- 09:         Obtain the Fire License Certificate.

Government Free Schedule and Time:

The fee varies depending on the kind of manufacturing establishment and the officer’s evaluation of the FSCD. The highest fee is 8,000 BDT, however. Pay fees to the account number following: 1 – 2261 – 0000 – 2009.

Annual fire license renewal takes place at the FSCD office. The typical processing period for issuing a fire license is 90 to 120 working days.

Renewal Procedure:

Renewing a fire license is straightforward, and the inspector must observe the license and the Bangladesh Bank challan. Authorities will extend the validity of fire licenses, and Every year, you have to go to the FSCD office to renew all fire licenses.

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