Complete Guide to RJSC Forms in Bangladesh (Download All RJSC Forms)

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Unlock the key to seamless business registration and compliance in Bangladesh with our detailed guide on all RJSC forms. Starting a business in Bangladesh? Navigating the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) is a critical step in ensuring your company’s compliance with local regulations. The RJSC plays a pivotal role in the registration and oversight of companies, societies, and partnerships under the Companies Act 1994, Societies Registration Act 1860, and Partnership Act 1932. This guide covers all necessary RJSC forms in Bangladesh, from pre-registration to post-establishment filings.

Key Functions of the RJSC

The RJSC is responsible for:

  • Name Clearance: Approving your company’s name before registration.
  • Registration: Formalizing the incorporation of companies, societies, and partnerships.
  • Return Filings: Ensuring annual and event-based returns are filed appropriately.
  • Issuance of Certified Copies: Providing official copies of registration documents.
  • Winding Up: Facilitating the closure of companies.
  • Struck Off: Removing defunct entities from the register.

Essential RJSC Forms in Bangladesh (RJSC Forms in Bangladesh)

Understanding the required RJSC forms in Bangladesh is crucial for compliance. Here’s a breakdown of key RJSC forms:


  1. Name Clearance Form: For initial approval of the company name.

Registration (RJSC Forms in Bangladesh)

  1. Form I: Application for incorporation.
  2. Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA): Foundational documents outlining the company’s purpose and governance.

Post-Registration (RJSC Forms in Bangladesh)

  1. Form VI: Notice of situation of registered office and changes.
  2. Form IX: Consent of director to act.
  3. Form XII: Details of directors, managers, and changes.
  4. Form XV: Return of allotment of shares.
  5. Form XVIII: Particulars of mortgages or charges.
  6. Form XIX: Modification of mortgage or charge.
  7. Form XXVIII: Satisfaction of mortgage or charge.
  8. Form 117: Instrument of transfer of shares.

Annual Returns (RJSC Forms in Bangladesh)

  1. Schedule X: Annual summary of share capital and list of shareholders and directors.
  2. Balance Sheet: Financial statement due within 30 days of AGM.
  3. Profit & Loss Account: Financial performance report due within 30 days of AGM.
  4. Form 23B: Notice by auditor upon appointment.

Returns for Changes in the Entity (RJSC Forms in Bangladesh)

  1. Form III: Notice of consolidation, division, or conversion of shares.
  2. Form IV: Notice of increase in share capital.
  3. Form VIII: Special resolutions and alterations to the MoA or AoA.

Filing Requirements for Different Entities in Bangladesh (Download All RJSC Forms)

Private Companies: Must submit RJSC forms in Bangladesh related to changes in share capital, directors, and financial statements.

Public Companies: Additional requirements include statutory reports and prospectus filings.

Foreign Companies: Specific RJSC forms in Bangladesh for alterations in charter documents and principal place of business.

Trade Organizations and Societies: Annual filings and changes in management body details.

Partnership Firms: RJSC forms in Bangladesh for changes in business name, principal place of business, and partnership dissolution.


The process of registering and maintaining a business in Bangladesh involves meticulous compliance with RJSC forms in Bangladesh. This comprehensive guide provides an overview of the necessary forms and filings to ensure your business operates smoothly and adheres to legal standards. Stay informed and ahead of deadlines with this essential resource for all RJSC-related procedures in Bangladesh.

Download all the RJSC Forms in Bangladesh here.

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