Employment & Industrial Relations

As the world of business and trade has become more worldwide, so has the world of labor and employment law. Many governing laws are intended to keep employees safe and guarantee that they are adequately treated, but they also safeguard the interests of employers. We recognize that the connection between an organization and its trade unions may be beneficial, but it is also quite delicate. To provide high-quality industrial relations advice, we must thoroughly engage with our clients to understand their company needs, background, and sensitive concerns. Representing employers in the commercial and public sectors, representing labor unions, representing individual employees, and working with state regulatory bodies are all practice areas in labor and employment law.

Labour law, equal employment opportunity law, employment contracts, family and medical leave, military leave, wage and hour laws, wrongful discharge, harassment, workplace safety, covenants not to compete, employee benefits law, and workers’ compensation law are among the issues that professionals handle. TUHIN & PARTNERS, via an integrated global approach, brings together practitioners with local and cross-border labor and employment experience to deliver seamless client service across geographic borders.